Jan. 3rd, 2011


Jan. 3rd, 2011 08:20 pm
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I belong to several online groups where people have been posting their predictions (whether intuitive or just plain common sense) for the new year. So many of them are predicting war, economic collapse, geological disaster, and more terrors. I know that the scent of cataclysm is in the air; it has been for some time. But I have grown weary of these super-specific doomsday prophecies. Yes, the world is a mess. Yes, we are absolutely poised on the edge of a great Something. But truly, no one can know for certain what it will be. And I do not believe that humanity's future - whether good or ill - is unchangeable and carved in stone. Maybe we need more sensitive, intuitive people to use their energy to work for good in their own little corners of the world, and we'll come out better than we ever were before. There's never been a time when humanity was not fretting about the threat of its own demise, and we've made it this far. I could run around, waiting for the sky to fall. Instead I'm going to do my best to bring light into the lives of the people I meet. Imagine if we all did that. Nothing could stand in the face of that kind of power. I wish the world a tranquil new year, full of light and hope.
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