Jan. 15th, 2011

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I went to a new doc a couple of days ago. This was a BIG step for me, because I love and adore my primary care doc, who has done well by me for some years now. He's saved my bacon more than once. But he announced at my last visit that my health issues were getting too big for him; it was time for the specialists. cut for medical minutiae )

So that's the news of the body; now the news of the soul. Well, not mine. But someone's, and they all count the same, right?
So apparently three Anglican bishops walked into a bar have been ordained as Roman Catholic priests because they have moral issues with the ordination of women, gays, and the union of gays, either in domestic partnerships, or, heaven forfend - actual marriage. So they have started a schism in the Anglican church, and it is catching like mono at a junior high mixer. According to this news article,
"The groundbreaking ceremony was made possible by a 2009 ruling by the Vatican allowing Anglicans worldwide to join the Roman Catholic Church and still adhere to many Anglican traditions.

Vatican officials devised the new policy without consulting Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the spiritual leader of the global Anglican church."
(NB: whom I've met numerous times, and who is a lovely, generous, devoted, and brilliant man)

"The new system is designed to entice traditionalist Anglicans opposed to women priests, openly gay clergy, the blessing of same-sex unions and other controversial policies that have caused a deep schism within the church.

Until it was put in place, disaffected Anglicans had joined the Roman Catholic Church primarily on a case-by-case basis.

And my question is this: is there any reason it can not continue on a case-by-case basis?? This has indeed caused a deep schism. People I have known my entire life are decamping, going off and calling themselves "Anglicans", instead of "Episcopalians". Here's a newsflash: We're already Anglicans, those of us under the umbrella of the Church of England. Don't try to sound all flash and High Church just because you're a misogynist and a homophobe. Your moral outrage is not impressing anyone except possibly il Papa, and as an Anglican bishop, you've already foresworn that you don't need no steenking Pope to save your soul or act as a Holy Conduit between you and your God. You disgust me.
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