Jun. 11th, 2011

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I am trying to get everything in order for a yard sale next week. This mostly involves getting my sons to move big boxes for me. I am keenly aware and terrified of the possibility of spiders. They hide *everywhere* in our house! They're all shapes and sizes, but the ones that really get my shorts in a bundle are the darkish-brown ones ...with KNEES. Spiders should not have legs so long that they require knee joints to keep them properly aligned. *shudders*

I recently read an article in which a scientist explained that spiders, when threatened, will roll over and play dead like an opossum, with all eight of their legs all drawn up and akimbo. They will stay this way, looking pathetic and dead, for hours at a time, then unfurl those legs and flip themselves over and, after making sure you're nowhere around, tippytoe away and go about their creepy business. Aaaaagh!

Here's what bothers me about that: spiders should have neither the desire nor the ability to fake me out. Why has this ability evolved? What are they planning???? I want a straight answer. Do they have a leader? An agenda??

In any event, I have to go through potentially spider-filled boxes this weekend to find junk of which I can rid myself. Turn junk into money - it's all good, minus the Eight-Legged Menace.

Also hoping to do some writing. Ideas keep presenting themselves in my dreams, which usually means it's time to write.
Have a happy weekend, everyone!
Peace and light,


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