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May. 23rd, 2011 01:10 am
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Wow. It's been a long, long day. After my last post, the weather quieted down for awhile. We were just starting to eat dinner when I noticed that the light coming in the windows was not the right color. It was sort of sepia-tinted, which isn't normal at all. I ran outside in time to see a MASSIVE storm front blowing up to the west. The air was heavy and strange, and the sky was sickly. I grabbed my phone and took a couple of pics, just in time to capture this:

It's a little hard to see, because my phone doesn't take fantastic shots, but the lighter area of the sky is a weird light brown, and the bottoms of the black storm clouds have brownish-green light across the bottom. If you look between the two trees, you can get a perfect shot of a funnel cloud forming. The sirens came on about three seconds after I snapped this pic. You can see a little bit of rotation in the big, black clouds between the trees, and the funnel is just forming, bulging down slightly into the lighter area. I took this pic less than a minute after the first one:

You can see the big cloud of blowing rain and debris from the rotation of the storm. That was about half a mile northwest of my house, right over the Borders bookstore. There were several tornadoes sighted by the time the storm was done, but luckily, there was no significant damage or injury. I almost never retreat to the basement, but this time was pretty convincing. The lightning was really frightening - much more than usual. The weather has been strangely violent this year. There was heavy damage both north and south of us. As awful as it's been, we're very, very lucky to have escaped the worst of the tornadoes so far.
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