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So my kitchen sink has been leaking. Really, really leaking. It started out as an annoying *drip ... ... drop", and then changed to *dripdripdrip*, and finally over the weekend it became *o n e l o n g p o u r". Definitely time to call the landlord. I never know how much she's going to understand when I call her because she's in her mid-nineties and is beginning to lose the thread a little. But apparently she understood, because the maintenance man showed up today with a new faucet. But not just any old new faucet - hell no. When Veda replaces something, she goes with the good stuff. She's an *awesome* landlord! So we got this new faucet, which I have actually openly ogled in Delta fixture advertisements on TV. It is so pretty! Graceful curves, handly little push button thingy that changes it from a flow to a shower-y thing, soap/lotion dispenser in the place where the sprayer used to go, and, best of all, the body of the faucet itself pulls out of its casing to become the sprayer! I am in serious fixture lust with this gorgeous beast of a faucet. The down side: we can't use our dishwasher anymore. Whatever - it will be a treat to do dishes with this thing! I've never been so thrilled over a household appliance before. Well, okay. There was the Kitchenaid mixer. And the front-open washer and matching dryer. But honest, that's it! I am a satisfied customer! *performs little dance of joy for sophisticated plumbing fixtures* Woo hoo!
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