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I just woke from the oddest dream.
I dreamt I was the eldest offspring of a powerful god. I had awareness that I'd taken other forms before the events of this dream, but in this series of events I was a beautiful, raven-haired woman. I had two divine siblings in the dream, and the three of us were tasked with ensuring that a mortal woman was impregnated with our divine father's child. There was no physical procreation involved; just trickery. It was so very strange, like something straight out of mythology. The one concession to modern life: we lived in an ultra-luxurious, centuries-old hotel. We had to wait there for the chosen mortal to arrive, and then carry out our plan. It involved my younger siblings changing their forms to frighten the mortal woman and drive her to trust me - sort of a good god cop, bad cop thing. The plan succeeded and there was great rejoicing in whatever Olympus-like place we were from. There was a divine choir that sang a beautiful anthem. I wish I could remember it and transcribe it! In any event, the dream left me feeling very, very odd and discomfited. I woke with a migraine, so maybe the whole thing was just a weird little brain hiccup. I hope I don't forget the dream, though.

So Jean-Claude Baby Doc Duvalier is back in Haiti. This is, in my opinion, utter betrayal on the part of our government. If we had the power and the means to force Duvalier, his family, and his regime out of Haiti twenty-five years ago, we certainly have the power to keep him out. His departure was celebrated by Haiti's people, and they hunted down and killed his Macoute (translated: "bogeymen"), who had acted outside the law for years, stealing, raping, pillaging, and otherwise terrorizing poor villagers. They were known by their trademark mirrored sunglasses, which were found discarded all over Haiti after Duvalier's departure, in an attempt to hide themselves amongst the people. But memories are long. Mirrored sunglasses would not stop me from recognizing a Macoute who had raped my daughter or murdered my son, and I would take grim pleasure in my vengeance.

When Baby Doc left Haiti, he took much of the country's wealth with him. As despicable as this was, we apparently tolerated it in return for his promise that he would NEVER return. But he has left Paris, where he's been living in comfort for the last quarter-century, and he has returned to Haiti, perhaps sensing a power-vacuum in the continuing devastation after last year's quake. I am angry that we did not hold him to his word, and I am fearful of the havoc he may wreak now that he's back. Haiti's poor and hungry hold a special place in my heart, and I pray for their well-being.
Pax et bonum,

ETA: Hooray! Duvalier has been detained by Haitian police and taken before a judge, who will determine whether he will stand trial for his reign of greed and terror.

Date: 2011-01-19 01:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] txilar.livejournal.com
boo migraine >_<

i find your dream quite intriguing. don't you hate that feeling of having been somewhere and heard/had/seen something that you know you can't find again? argh I do! especially music.

Date: 2011-01-19 08:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] oblivietto.livejournal.com
Despite the grimacing migraine icon, I assure you that I am oh-so-happy to hear from you! :) How have you been? Did I read correctly that you went to Greece? What was your favorite part? My Aunt Jane went to Greece a few years ago and was visiting Delphi, but unfortunately slipped and broke her leg/hip/some lower limb. She loved Delphi, and indeed, all of Greece, so much that she refused to come home despite her broken bone. (I come from stubborn stock.) What else is new, besides the casual world traveling?
Oh, and yes, I do hate the feeling of creating/witnessing something in a dream and knowing that it will be lost forever. Hmm. Makes me think of a poem - perhaps I'll track it down and post it. The world can never have too much poetry.

Date: 2011-03-03 02:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] txilar.livejournal.com
I'm a terrrrrrrible person; I've had this in my inbox for ages meaning to reply but then EGYPT happened and that totally took my attention.

After that I really have no excuse except sheer laziness. I hope this finds you well! You did read correctly that I was in Greece last year. It was fabulous of course, but can you believe I did not see Delphi! As for my favourite part... it was Crete, hands down. I'd go back to Crete in a heartbeat. I didn't even think of breaking my arm! Good for your auntie, no wait, that didn't come out right... Glad you she got to hang around though. ^_^

Not really anything new, though I did buy a house last year too (who do I think I am?) and am just now getting around to plans for serious remodelling, though I'm trying to do the budget thing. I saw some bathroom sinks last weekend that got me excited.

But first, I'm clearing out the garage. Boring and backbreaking. So I bought this house from my parents; it's my childhood home and the garage, well it's still full of their stuff. So, in going through I came across a box of mom's old clothes! So retro! So I guess it's a little fun on top of all the hard labour.

I've been thinking lately about the dream thing (a book I'm reading has a character astrally projecting, maybe that's pushing it) so it's timely that I decided to reply because I'd forgot us talking about that. It's weird how something that seems so real can be so ephemeral. Like reading a book in a way but something you create yourself. DEEP MAN.

Do share that poem!

After weeks of silence, unstoppable babbling! ^___^ I hope you are well!


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