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Oh, Iowa. You've disappointed me. What is this "justifiable homicide" bullshit??

It seems that there are two proposed pieces of legislation (House File 153 and House File 7), which, in combination, would serve to create a loophole that would make it legal to use "deadly force" to protect a fetus. In other words, murdering abortion providers could be considered a justifiable homicide. This is just not okay. All providers of this completely legal procedure would live under constant threat of attack by deadly force. So would any woman who entered a clinic where abortions are performed. I am incredulous and sickened that this is even being considered by our legislature. This is wrong.

Please join me in signing this petition, entreating Iowa lawmakers to vote against House File 153 and House File 7. It's easy to sign, and will only take a moment of your time. You can help protect lives and women's rights. As a woman and an Iowan, I appreciate every single signature on the petition, and I thank you. Please share this information and petition in any forum you can.
Pax et bonum,
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I just woke from the oddest dream. cut because other people's dreams are annoying )

So Jean-Claude Baby Doc Duvalier is back in Haiti. This is, in my opinion, utter betrayal on the part of our government. If we had the power and the means to force Duvalier, his family, and his regime out of Haiti twenty-five years ago, we certainly have the power to keep him out. His departure was celebrated by Haiti's people, and they hunted down and killed his Macoute (translated: "bogeymen"), who had acted outside the law for years, stealing, raping, pillaging, and otherwise terrorizing poor villagers. They were known by their trademark mirrored sunglasses, which were found discarded all over Haiti after Duvalier's departure, in an attempt to hide themselves amongst the people. But memories are long. Mirrored sunglasses would not stop me from recognizing a Macoute who had raped my daughter or murdered my son, and I would take grim pleasure in my vengeance.

When Baby Doc left Haiti, he took much of the country's wealth with him. As despicable as this was, we apparently tolerated it in return for his promise that he would NEVER return. But he has left Paris, where he's been living in comfort for the last quarter-century, and he has returned to Haiti, perhaps sensing a power-vacuum in the continuing devastation after last year's quake. I am angry that we did not hold him to his word, and I am fearful of the havoc he may wreak now that he's back. Haiti's poor and hungry hold a special place in my heart, and I pray for their well-being.
Pax et bonum,

ETA: Hooray! Duvalier has been detained by Haitian police and taken before a judge, who will determine whether he will stand trial for his reign of greed and terror.


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