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I'm feeling a little bit wacky. I've been in a flare for about a week. I thought I was on the mend for about half a day, but I think I may have just been over-caffeinated. This time around seems to be primarily fever, fatigue, joints, kidneys, and exquisitely tender glands (I have a fascination with the ache and swelling and can't seem to stop pressing on them. I'm weird that way.) I was worried for awhile because there were a few hints of spinal cord issues, but they went away, thank goodness. Per usual, I've decided that I am tired of this! I'm going to do a really intense meditation tomorrow and see if I can't get the healing jump-started!

I would do that tonight, but we are - once again - supposed to get violent storms, including tornado activity. The storms that are bearing down on us right now have already spawned multiple tornadoes, and are only gaining strength. Damn, I'm tired of this weather!

In good news, my daughter got her new flute and begins summer band tomorrow morning. She is very, very pleased. Here she is, my freckle-faced girl:

I'm having fun looking for pics to answer a little meme, which I will put up posthaste. Hope the wicked weather doesn't blow any of you away!

long day

May. 23rd, 2011 01:10 am
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Wow. It's been a long, long day. After my last post, the weather quieted down for awhile. We were just starting to eat dinner when I noticed that the light coming in the windows was not the right color. It was sort of sepia-tinted, which isn't normal at all. I ran outside in time to see a MASSIVE storm front blowing up to the west. The air was heavy and strange, and the sky was sickly. I grabbed my phone and took a couple of pics, just in time to capture this:

It's a little hard to see, because my phone doesn't take fantastic shots, but the lighter area of the sky is a weird light brown, and the bottoms of the black storm clouds have brownish-green light across the bottom. If you look between the two trees, you can get a perfect shot of a funnel cloud forming. The sirens came on about three seconds after I snapped this pic. You can see a little bit of rotation in the big, black clouds between the trees, and the funnel is just forming, bulging down slightly into the lighter area. I took this pic less than a minute after the first one:

You can see the big cloud of blowing rain and debris from the rotation of the storm. That was about half a mile northwest of my house, right over the Borders bookstore. There were several tornadoes sighted by the time the storm was done, but luckily, there was no significant damage or injury. I almost never retreat to the basement, but this time was pretty convincing. The lightning was really frightening - much more than usual. The weather has been strangely violent this year. There was heavy damage both north and south of us. As awful as it's been, we're very, very lucky to have escaped the worst of the tornadoes so far.
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I love rainy days, and we've got one. There is nothing so soothing as the soft, steady sound of the rain. The small, but insistent, press of the rain will lull even the most vigilant thinker to reverie. Even more than rainy days, I love rainy nights. Even though my natural tendency is to be a night owl, I make a beeline for bedtime when it's rainy. Add some gentle thunder and I'm deeply content. Mmmmmm.

And now for a thoroughly jarring change of subject...

Today was the day that Majid Movahedi was due to face his sentence and lose his eyesight. In 2004 in Iran, Mr. Movahedi attacked Ameneh Bahrami, a woman who had repeatedly turned down his proposals of marriage. It was a horrifically common attack; he fell on her and threw acid in her face, blinding her in both eyes. In 2008 Mr. Movahedi was found guilty of the crime and sentenced to have ten drops of sulfuric acid dripped into each of his eyes in retribution. Ms. Bahrami will be invited to physically carry out the sentence. If she refuses, officials will do the job. In 2009 the Iranian Supreme Court approved this punishment. By the time I'm writing this, the sentence will have already been carried out. I could go check, but I haven't got the heart. This case raises very interesting issues about crime and punishment, violence and retribution. Acid attacks upon women (particularly those who turn down a suitor) are becoming more and more frequent, and I find that absolutely abhorrent. These women are guilty of nothing, yet their lives are destroyed. Shouldn't the attacker pay for his crime? Well, maybe. My blood says yes, but my spirit says no. We must be better than this. Even if I were the victim in this case, I could not pour sulfuric acid into his eyes. Or maybe I could. What if it was my daughter? I definitely could. But doesn't that make me just like him? We can say, "Well, no, because he is guilty of something terrible, while the victim was guilty of nothing." But we are not to judge one another. To many people ("WRONG people!", my angry heart says), she was guilty. Of course we know better. But aren't we supposed to be good enough to know better in his case as well? *sighs* It's so hard to be good. I want to be like Justice herself, and inflict all kinds of agony upon evil-doers. But then, of course, I'd be an evil-doer myself; I'm only human and can't judge anyone's actions or motives with perfect clarity - not even when it seems obvious. Yes, it is hard to be good. I hope and pray that some blessing comes from the pain that both of these human beings have suffered and will suffer, and I pray that they may both learn to forgive.

peace and endless peace,

ETA: The sentence of blindness, due to be carried out at noon today, has been postponed. It has not been cancelled or commuted, simply delayed. I'd like to think that it's because they can't find anyone willing to perform the actual act, nor any physicians (to test the results, apparently) willing to take part in the sentence at all. Sometimes this world hurts me.

This world can't stand too long
Be ready don't wait too late
You should know it can't stand long
For it is too full of hate...

written by Jim Anglin, performed by Bob Dylan
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We've got a nasty little squall blowing up here. Ten minutes ago the kids were out under the sunny sky, playing on the Slip and Slide. (see my earlier post about the tropical weather we're having) Then it got dark and blustery and started to thunder, and now - worse - it's greenish brown and very, very still. I'd wager that the civil defense sirens will start any minute now. *sighs* And here I was, about to bake brownies... Time to gather up the pets, the meds, the cash, and the shoes so they're (and there go the sirens) ready to go. So here we go again. Keep your fingers crossed.

Peace, baby
Blusterly yours,

ETA: The storm has exhausted itself, huffing and puffing and trying to blow the house down. Luckily, it was a dud. Safe and sound now. : )


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