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I am trying to get everything in order for a yard sale next week. This mostly involves getting my sons to move big boxes for me. I am keenly aware and terrified of the possibility of spiders. They hide *everywhere* in our house! They're all shapes and sizes, but the ones that really get my shorts in a bundle are the darkish-brown ones ...with KNEES. Spiders should not have legs so long that they require knee joints to keep them properly aligned. *shudders*

I recently read an article in which a scientist explained that spiders, when threatened, will roll over and play dead like an opossum, with all eight of their legs all drawn up and akimbo. They will stay this way, looking pathetic and dead, for hours at a time, then unfurl those legs and flip themselves over and, after making sure you're nowhere around, tippytoe away and go about their creepy business. Aaaaagh!

Here's what bothers me about that: spiders should have neither the desire nor the ability to fake me out. Why has this ability evolved? What are they planning???? I want a straight answer. Do they have a leader? An agenda??

In any event, I have to go through potentially spider-filled boxes this weekend to find junk of which I can rid myself. Turn junk into money - it's all good, minus the Eight-Legged Menace.

Also hoping to do some writing. Ideas keep presenting themselves in my dreams, which usually means it's time to write.
Have a happy weekend, everyone!
Peace and light,
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I'm feeling a little bit wacky. I've been in a flare for about a week. I thought I was on the mend for about half a day, but I think I may have just been over-caffeinated. This time around seems to be primarily fever, fatigue, joints, kidneys, and exquisitely tender glands (I have a fascination with the ache and swelling and can't seem to stop pressing on them. I'm weird that way.) I was worried for awhile because there were a few hints of spinal cord issues, but they went away, thank goodness. Per usual, I've decided that I am tired of this! I'm going to do a really intense meditation tomorrow and see if I can't get the healing jump-started!

I would do that tonight, but we are - once again - supposed to get violent storms, including tornado activity. The storms that are bearing down on us right now have already spawned multiple tornadoes, and are only gaining strength. Damn, I'm tired of this weather!

In good news, my daughter got her new flute and begins summer band tomorrow morning. She is very, very pleased. Here she is, my freckle-faced girl:

I'm having fun looking for pics to answer a little meme, which I will put up posthaste. Hope the wicked weather doesn't blow any of you away!
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Peace and moonlight,

Barefoot (from Year of the Goddess)
Gabriel Rosenstock

The moon lies on her back
Mad drunk
Keeping the birds awake
They chat in a foreign tongue
A silvery river flows up the slope
Bearing with it the reflection of a fairy bush
You must be out walking, in Your bare feet

You were born during a Waning Gibbous moon

This phase occurs right after a full moon.

You love to let people in on the story of how things come together. You know the background of ideas and have a deep understanding of things others just touch the surface of. You can surprise people with your wide variety of knowledge, and they'll remember and appreciate you for it.

: (

May. 31st, 2011 03:29 pm
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I'm very, very sad. We have two pets - Tulip (a lovely lop rabbit) and Lester (a portly gentleman guinea pig). I know most people don't get extremely attached to rodent-like pets, but we're not allowed to have a cat or a dog so they are very, very dear to us. A few days ago we noticed a lump on Lester's belly. He didn't even seem to notice it was there, and cysts are very common in guinea pigs. I took him to the vet this afternoon to have the cyst aspirated, and it turned out to be a massive malignant tumor. It felt fluid-filled because it had invaded a blood vessel and bled under the skin. I had to have him euthanized. He chirped like a little bird and nibbled on my fingernail while he went to sleep. I'm just ridiculously sad about it, and can't seem to stop being teary. He was a wonderful little piggie. Bye, Lester.


long day

May. 23rd, 2011 01:10 am
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Wow. It's been a long, long day. After my last post, the weather quieted down for awhile. We were just starting to eat dinner when I noticed that the light coming in the windows was not the right color. It was sort of sepia-tinted, which isn't normal at all. I ran outside in time to see a MASSIVE storm front blowing up to the west. The air was heavy and strange, and the sky was sickly. I grabbed my phone and took a couple of pics, just in time to capture this:

It's a little hard to see, because my phone doesn't take fantastic shots, but the lighter area of the sky is a weird light brown, and the bottoms of the black storm clouds have brownish-green light across the bottom. If you look between the two trees, you can get a perfect shot of a funnel cloud forming. The sirens came on about three seconds after I snapped this pic. You can see a little bit of rotation in the big, black clouds between the trees, and the funnel is just forming, bulging down slightly into the lighter area. I took this pic less than a minute after the first one:

You can see the big cloud of blowing rain and debris from the rotation of the storm. That was about half a mile northwest of my house, right over the Borders bookstore. There were several tornadoes sighted by the time the storm was done, but luckily, there was no significant damage or injury. I almost never retreat to the basement, but this time was pretty convincing. The lightning was really frightening - much more than usual. The weather has been strangely violent this year. There was heavy damage both north and south of us. As awful as it's been, we're very, very lucky to have escaped the worst of the tornadoes so far.


May. 21st, 2011 06:36 pm
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Well, I guess today wasn't the day for the Rapture of the Church after all. I think it was irresponsible in the extreme for Harold Camping to forecast the Rapture to the world. Apparently quite a few people sold their homes and all their assets because they believed they would no longer need them. I imagine there will be lawsuits, although I don't believe one should be able to sue for one's own stupidity. The thing is, I feel sort of sad for Camping. I don't think he was a fraud. I think he really, truly believed that he was going to meet his Lord and Savior today. Besides the stomach-churning stress he must be feeling at having to explain his mistake to the entire planet and his complete and utter loss of credibility, he must be feeling real personal disappointment and facing a serious crisis of faith. I just can't shake this feeling of sadness, thinking about Camping sitting behind closed doors, thinking, "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" Everyone I've talked to about it is scolding me for being "too soft" or "too kind", but is there really such a thing as too much kindness? Are we meant to ration mercy? Hmmmm.

Enough of that. I'll leave you with two things: an appeal to not be too hard on the true believers who are now left feeling empty and foolish, and, because I'm only human, this awesome comic. *grins*
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You've probably already heard. The CDC has issued a statement about what we should do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. For real!

Get A Kit,    Make A Plan, Be Prepared. emergency.cdc.gov

Of course, the real point is to encourage us to have a plan in the event of ANY emergency, asteroid strike to zombie apocalypse, inclusive. I don't think there are many people out there who don't feel like we're living in strange days. The news is seldom good. (Simon and Garfunkle's Silent Night 7'oclock News comes to mind. Great song/vid; just substitute any day's news to make the video current and relevant.)
Do you need to go hard-core survivalist? No, and you're bound to attract the attention of the ATF if you stockpile weapons and ammo. But it wouldn't hurt to have a bug-out bag and some clean drinking water, and ammo for any weapon you do have. And don't share the details of your stockpile or your plans with anyone you don't want tagging along. If you live near a border, make sure you have your documents ready and in an easily-accessible place so you can move freely. Just plan ahead a little bit and use some common sense. Add some tradeable items like cigarettes, new socks, or protein bars to your BOB. Think ahead and be creative. Have a meeting place (both near and far) for family members. Consider joining Twitter, as it seems to be the most reliable way of getting/spreading news in disaster scenarios. Have a windup flashlight and radio. Make sure everyone has sturdy boots. Ask your doctor to write you an extra prescription so you can store some meds in your BOB.
Long story short: Don't wait for the zombie apocalypse. Plan ahead now.

Peace and brains,
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I love rainy days, and we've got one. There is nothing so soothing as the soft, steady sound of the rain. The small, but insistent, press of the rain will lull even the most vigilant thinker to reverie. Even more than rainy days, I love rainy nights. Even though my natural tendency is to be a night owl, I make a beeline for bedtime when it's rainy. Add some gentle thunder and I'm deeply content. Mmmmmm.

And now for a thoroughly jarring change of subject...

Today was the day that Majid Movahedi was due to face his sentence and lose his eyesight. In 2004 in Iran, Mr. Movahedi attacked Ameneh Bahrami, a woman who had repeatedly turned down his proposals of marriage. It was a horrifically common attack; he fell on her and threw acid in her face, blinding her in both eyes. In 2008 Mr. Movahedi was found guilty of the crime and sentenced to have ten drops of sulfuric acid dripped into each of his eyes in retribution. Ms. Bahrami will be invited to physically carry out the sentence. If she refuses, officials will do the job. In 2009 the Iranian Supreme Court approved this punishment. By the time I'm writing this, the sentence will have already been carried out. I could go check, but I haven't got the heart. This case raises very interesting issues about crime and punishment, violence and retribution. Acid attacks upon women (particularly those who turn down a suitor) are becoming more and more frequent, and I find that absolutely abhorrent. These women are guilty of nothing, yet their lives are destroyed. Shouldn't the attacker pay for his crime? Well, maybe. My blood says yes, but my spirit says no. We must be better than this. Even if I were the victim in this case, I could not pour sulfuric acid into his eyes. Or maybe I could. What if it was my daughter? I definitely could. But doesn't that make me just like him? We can say, "Well, no, because he is guilty of something terrible, while the victim was guilty of nothing." But we are not to judge one another. To many people ("WRONG people!", my angry heart says), she was guilty. Of course we know better. But aren't we supposed to be good enough to know better in his case as well? *sighs* It's so hard to be good. I want to be like Justice herself, and inflict all kinds of agony upon evil-doers. But then, of course, I'd be an evil-doer myself; I'm only human and can't judge anyone's actions or motives with perfect clarity - not even when it seems obvious. Yes, it is hard to be good. I hope and pray that some blessing comes from the pain that both of these human beings have suffered and will suffer, and I pray that they may both learn to forgive.

peace and endless peace,

ETA: The sentence of blindness, due to be carried out at noon today, has been postponed. It has not been cancelled or commuted, simply delayed. I'd like to think that it's because they can't find anyone willing to perform the actual act, nor any physicians (to test the results, apparently) willing to take part in the sentence at all. Sometimes this world hurts me.

This world can't stand too long
Be ready don't wait too late
You should know it can't stand long
For it is too full of hate...

written by Jim Anglin, performed by Bob Dylan
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We've got a nasty little squall blowing up here. Ten minutes ago the kids were out under the sunny sky, playing on the Slip and Slide. (see my earlier post about the tropical weather we're having) Then it got dark and blustery and started to thunder, and now - worse - it's greenish brown and very, very still. I'd wager that the civil defense sirens will start any minute now. *sighs* And here I was, about to bake brownies... Time to gather up the pets, the meds, the cash, and the shoes so they're (and there go the sirens) ready to go. So here we go again. Keep your fingers crossed.

Peace, baby
Blusterly yours,

ETA: The storm has exhausted itself, huffing and puffing and trying to blow the house down. Luckily, it was a dud. Safe and sound now. : )
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We've broken the record for Hottest May 10 Ever. It reached the mid-90's on the Iowa banks of the flooded Mississippi today. And humid? OMGs, I can't even describe it. The sky was hazy and smelled of ozone all day. Even as the sun is setting, the temperature is still near 90 degrees. My beloved lilac bushes are sweating out the sweet scent of May into the thick air of August.

Tuesday is therapy day. As much as I admire my therapist, I think the lilacs do more good. Who can frown in the presence of so much sweet purple?

ETA: My last A recent post marked the occasion of Beltane, one of the Sabbats in the wheel of the year. It's a festival of fire and fertility, a great celebration of consummation. In that spirit, I offer poetry. This lovely piece speaks to me of the opposing, balancing energies of the universe, as well as the passion of lovers. I imagine these words whispered in divine bliss, and it makes me happy.

Paris and Helen
by Judy Grahn

He called her: golden dawn
She called him: the wind whistles

He called her: heart of the sky
She called him: message bringer

He called her: mother of pearl,
barley woman, rice provider,
millet basket, corn maid,
flax princess, all-maker, weef

She called him: fawn, roebuck,
stag, courage, thunderman,
all-in-green, mountain strider,
keeper of forests, my-love-rides

He called her: the tree is
She called him: bird dancing

He called her: who stands,
has stood, will always stand
She called him: arriver

He called her: the heart and the womb
are similar
She called him: arrow in my heart.

Pax et bonum,


May. 6th, 2011 08:25 am
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I woke up this morning with so much pain in my legs that I can barely walk. The trip down the stairs from my bedroom was a gauntlet, and I'm sitting perfectly, absolutely still so that nothing bumps my legs. I don't know what this is all about, but I see the rheumatologist later this morning. Okay. Going to go meditate and see if I can get some relief. *fingers crossed*
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So my kitchen sink has been leaking. Really, really leaking. It started out as an annoying *drip ... ... drop", and then changed to *dripdripdrip*, and finally over the weekend it became *o n e l o n g p o u r". Definitely time to call the landlord. I never know how much she's going to understand when I call her because she's in her mid-nineties and is beginning to lose the thread a little. But apparently she understood, because the maintenance man showed up today with a new faucet. But not just any old new faucet - hell no. When Veda replaces something, she goes with the good stuff. She's an *awesome* landlord! So we got this new faucet, which I have actually openly ogled in Delta fixture advertisements on TV. It is so pretty! Graceful curves, handly little push button thingy that changes it from a flow to a shower-y thing, soap/lotion dispenser in the place where the sprayer used to go, and, best of all, the body of the faucet itself pulls out of its casing to become the sprayer! I am in serious fixture lust with this gorgeous beast of a faucet. The down side: we can't use our dishwasher anymore. Whatever - it will be a treat to do dishes with this thing! I've never been so thrilled over a household appliance before. Well, okay. There was the Kitchenaid mixer. And the front-open washer and matching dryer. But honest, that's it! I am a satisfied customer! *performs little dance of joy for sophisticated plumbing fixtures* Woo hoo!
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I want to wish a most blessed Beltane to anyone who celebrates the Sabbats! May the Beltane fire bring passion and abundance to your life throughout the year!

Pax et bonum,
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Hi, journal. I haven't visited you for awhile. I had good intentions - really, I did - but bad health and real life got in the way, per usual. I promise to pay you more attention and bring you lots of delicious entries from now on. How 'bout a hug?

Love and kisses,
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I have been too ill to do any posting lately, but I must take a few minutes to sit and post this. Words are not enough to express the horror and suffering that the people of Japan are experiencing. With a nuclear disaster already occuring, they need to be able to take any measures they can to get to safety. Unfortunately, the flow of information has been limited to conserve bandwidth for recovery efforts. While this seems like a reasonable decision, I have a basic problem with the institutional restriction of information to any group of people. It seems that there is a larger censorship of information going on in Japan right now. Please, please watch the video below, which came out of Japan just before the kill switch was flipped. This man is clearly terrified and frustrated, and begs for his message to be spread. His French-Japanese accent is a little hard to parse, but he gets his point across very clearly and poignantly. PLEASE share this with others, and ask them to do the same.
Pax et bonum,

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Oh, Iowa. You've disappointed me. What is this "justifiable homicide" bullshit??

It seems that there are two proposed pieces of legislation (House File 153 and House File 7), which, in combination, would serve to create a loophole that would make it legal to use "deadly force" to protect a fetus. In other words, murdering abortion providers could be considered a justifiable homicide. This is just not okay. All providers of this completely legal procedure would live under constant threat of attack by deadly force. So would any woman who entered a clinic where abortions are performed. I am incredulous and sickened that this is even being considered by our legislature. This is wrong.

Please join me in signing this petition, entreating Iowa lawmakers to vote against House File 153 and House File 7. It's easy to sign, and will only take a moment of your time. You can help protect lives and women's rights. As a woman and an Iowan, I appreciate every single signature on the petition, and I thank you. Please share this information and petition in any forum you can.
Pax et bonum,

Iowa girl

Feb. 3rd, 2011 06:41 pm
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As you may or may not know, the Iowa Legislature is preparing to vote on whether or not gay marriage will continue to be legal in our state. I was proud when it became legal; most people were amazed that this legislation would come out of the heartland. Most people don't think about Iowa politics except at the beginning of each presidential campaign, when we caucus. (which is a thrilling sport, and not to be taken lightly) Most people do not expect Iowa to have a liberal bent, but we do, both politically and (to a lesser degree), socially. Every now and then we surprise the rest of the world and pull something fantastic out of our collective feed cap. The gay marriage ruling was one of those fantastic things. Now, unfortunately, some Iowans want to reverse that legislation. But here's something else to make me proud to be an Iowan. This young man says it all:
Pax et bonum,

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Have you seen this? I came across this amazing video, and OMGs, can't stop watching! It's fantastic in and of itself, and it doesn't hurt that it has, IMO, the unmistakeable flavor of SPN slashiness.

There is nothing but love here:
- awesome photography.
- Smooth Criminal. It's never not cool.
- two beautiful boys dueling it out in leather, on black CELLOS.
- if you squint, the shorter guy could totally pass for Dean Winchester. Srsly.
- not as compelling, but the SPN Theorem also applies to Tall Messy Hair.
- it bears repeating: Cello Fight! Furious frenzied v. implacable cool stare. Mmmmmm.
- Messy Hair's crazy, hellish bowing frenzy at 3:20.

This makes me want to fic.

And here you go. Of course it's better if you click on the YouTube link and watch it there in full screen, but this will do:
Pax et bonum,
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This poem is very special to me. I always hear it in the same dear voice, also lost among trees.

Lines Lost Among Trees
by Billy Collins

These are not the lines that came to me
while walking in the woods
with no pen
and nothing to write on anyway.

They are gone forever,
a handful of coins
dropped through the grate of memory,
along with the ingenious mnemonic

I devised to hold them in place –
all gone and forgotten
before I had returned to the clearing of lawn
in the back of our quiet house

with its jars jammed with pens,
its notebooks and reams of blank paper,
its desk and soft lamp,
its table and the light from its windows.

So this is my elegy for them,
those six or eight exhalations,
the braided rope of the syntax,
the jazz of the timing,

and the little insight at the end
wagging like the short tail
of a perfectly obedient spaniel
sitting by the door.

This is my envoy to nothing
where I say Go, little poem –
not out into the world of strangers’ eyes,
but off to some airy limbo,

home to lost epics,
unremembered names,
and fugitive dreams
such as the one I had last night,

which like a fantastic city in pencil,
erased itself
in the bright morning air
just as I was waking up.

Pax et bonum,
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I just woke from the oddest dream. cut because other people's dreams are annoying )

So Jean-Claude Baby Doc Duvalier is back in Haiti. This is, in my opinion, utter betrayal on the part of our government. If we had the power and the means to force Duvalier, his family, and his regime out of Haiti twenty-five years ago, we certainly have the power to keep him out. His departure was celebrated by Haiti's people, and they hunted down and killed his Macoute (translated: "bogeymen"), who had acted outside the law for years, stealing, raping, pillaging, and otherwise terrorizing poor villagers. They were known by their trademark mirrored sunglasses, which were found discarded all over Haiti after Duvalier's departure, in an attempt to hide themselves amongst the people. But memories are long. Mirrored sunglasses would not stop me from recognizing a Macoute who had raped my daughter or murdered my son, and I would take grim pleasure in my vengeance.

When Baby Doc left Haiti, he took much of the country's wealth with him. As despicable as this was, we apparently tolerated it in return for his promise that he would NEVER return. But he has left Paris, where he's been living in comfort for the last quarter-century, and he has returned to Haiti, perhaps sensing a power-vacuum in the continuing devastation after last year's quake. I am angry that we did not hold him to his word, and I am fearful of the havoc he may wreak now that he's back. Haiti's poor and hungry hold a special place in my heart, and I pray for their well-being.
Pax et bonum,

ETA: Hooray! Duvalier has been detained by Haitian police and taken before a judge, who will determine whether he will stand trial for his reign of greed and terror.
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